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5 Facts about Asim Riaz
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  Bigg Boss 13 has been a great season for Colors and the Audience as the season was extended for 1 month which indicated that this season had given good returns. 

All credit goes to the Contestant who is playing well and entertaining the Audience with Action, Drama and Emotions. One Contestant who has created a lot of Popularity and won many hearts in the audience in this Bigg Boss Season 13 is none other than Asim Riaz.

Asim Riaz who is a Model by Profession had entered this BiggBoss 13 House in September and he might have never imagined that he would have gained a Million Followers on Instagram and Record-Breaking Tweets on Twitter and also listed in the 50 Sexiest Asian Man on the Planet. Seriously Asim Riaz has got a lot of love from the Audience as compared to other Contestants.

In this post, we will talk about Asim Riaz Journey, Asim Riaz Life, Asim Riaz Age, Asim Riaz Girlfriend, Asim Riaz Salary and many more things. Asim Riaz who had come to this house as an unknown model and competing with the most like Celebrity Rashami and Siddharth. Today Asim Riaz not only made a Name for Himself but also came out most Strongest and Entertaining Contestant as Compared to others.

In this post, we will talk about questions which many people are not aware of Asim Riaz such as Who is Asim Riaz Girlfriend? What is Asim Riaz Age? What is Asim Riaz Salary? Will Asim Riaz win Bigg Boss 13? and many more.

Born and History - 

13th July 1993, Tuesday when Asim Riaz was Born in Jammu and Kashmir, India. Asim Riaz did his education from Delhi Public School, Jammu. Asim Riaz has Elder Brother whose name is Umar Riaz. Born to a Muslim family in Jammu and Kashmir. 

Career - 

Asim Riaz started his modeling career at age 20 and did a Small Role in Main Tera Hero starring Varun Dhawan and Ilyana D'Cruz which was released in 2012. Asim Riaz is also a professional model who has been seen in TV Commercials like BlackBerry's, Blue and Numero Uno. Asim Riaz had a Successful Modelling Career before entering BiggBoss 13 House. 

Favorites - 

Asim Riaz's favorite food is Chicken and Kebab and his favorite color is Black and Brown. Asim Riaz likes Riding Bikes and has a White Enfield parked in his Apartment. Looking at the Physique we can say Asim Riaz is a fitness freak who loves Gyming. Asim Riaz is a Cat Lover.

Big Boss 13 - 

After entering the house Bigg Boss 13. Asim has not only gained a lot of Popularity but also love from the audience. Bigg Boss 13 has given a lot of recognition to Asim Riaz and made him a Celebrity from a Model.

Every day with a good performance he is adding a new milestone in his feather. Firstly, he came in List of Asia's Sexiest Men, secondly, his Instagram Account blew up to 1 Million Followers and also there are Rumors that a Film Producer is waiting outside to Sign Asim Riaz for his First Debut Film. World's Legendary Wrestler John Cena has dedicated an Instagram Post to Asim Riaz.

Bigg Boss 13 Journey - 

Let's talk about Asim Riaz Journey in Bigg Boss House. Asim Riaz was trolled by Salman Khan because of his Voice and after that, he got into a serious fight with Paras Chhabra when Siddharth Shukla became like his Brother in the House and things certainly tend to Change as Siddharth Shukla became the Biggest Rival of Asim Riaz.

Asim Riaz had some Serious Fight with Siddharth Shukla Physically and Verbally which created a team not only in Bigg Boss 13 House but also Outside the House in Fans. People start to trend Asim Riaz and Siddharth Shukla on social media. Especially on Twitter Asim Riaz created and broke many records.

Now one question where everyone is curious to know the answer Will Asim Riaz win Bigg Boss 13???. Asim Riaz has become one the toughest Contender in the Bigg Boss 13 House. He will be in their finals of Bigg Boss 13 House. Talking about winning the season he deserves to be the winner of Bigg Boss 13 Season. 

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  1. Asim Riaz the most deserving contestant of big boss 13

  2. He is definitely the most deserving contestant to win the Trophy 🧡


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