5 Facts about ShinChan you didn't know

Facts about ShinChan or Crayon Shin-Chan

Facts about ShinChan or Crayon Shin-Chan
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Everyone once in their lifetime had watch Cartoon which had made them laugh and entertained a lot. Still People in their Adulthood love to watch Cartoons instead of Movies. 

Today will discuss one such Cartoon Character who had made Special Place in Everyone's Heart with his Entertaining Performance and he is none other than Sinchan. Shinchan Nohara has Entertained a lot with his Comic and Mischiefs Behaviour on Screen. Shinchan is famously known as Crayon Shin-Chan

Today in this post we will talk about What is the real story behind the character Shin-chan? 
Who is the real Shin-chan? Did Shin-chan die in the last episode, or is it just a fake? How Sinchan was Born? Who was the Creator of Sinchan?  Some Strange Facts about Sinchan? Some Unkown Facts about Sinchan? Was Sinchan a real person in the real world? and many more questions such as Why ShinChan is ban in India? What does ShinChan like to Eat? Who is ShinChan Bestfriend? which might have arisen while reading this post. So read this post till the end and get to know complete detail information about Sinchan.

 1.  Crayon Shin-Chan History or ShinChan History

Published by Futabasha in 1990 by weekly magazine also known as Weekly Manga Action. In 20 years more than 275 Million Manga Copies have been sold worldwide. After success in comic World, they soon started Anime adaptation of the series in 1992 which went on to become Superhit series. Till now this series has been dubbed in 30 languages and aired in 45 Countries.

After the death of ShinChan Author Yoshito Usui in 2009 Publishers had decided to End the Show but after finding new Stories from this Series they decided to extend till 2010.

2. The popularity of Caryon Shin-Chan or ShinChan in other Countries

In Brazil, it had debuted with Brazilian and Portuguese Dub Translation. Crayon Shin-Chan or ShinChan debuted in China, Taiwan, and Hongkong in Mandarin, Sichuanese, and Cantonese dub translation, Denmark with Danish Dub Translation, France with French Dub Translation, Germany with German dub Translation, Greece with Greek dub translation,  India with Hindi, Tamil and Telugu Dub Translation, Indonesia with Indonesian Dubbed, Italy with Italian dub translation, and other countries such as Israel, Latin America, Malaysia, The Netherlands, Spain, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, South Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam. 

So you can imagine the response received from the Audience taken Crayon Shin-Chan or ShinChan to another level in Popularity.

3. Games on Crayon Shin-Chan or ShinChan

First Game based on Crayon Shin-Chan or ShinChan was launched in 1993. Till now more than 45+ Games are made on Crayon Shin-Chan or ShinChan. In Smartphone and Tablet devices about 8 Crayon Shin-Chan or ShinChan Game were made available in Android and iOS.

4. Movies on Crayon Shin-Chan or ShinChan

Crayon Shin-Chan or ShinChan debuted his first film on 24 July 1993 named Crayon Shin-chan: Action Mask vs. Leotard Devil, soon after one year Crayon Shin-chan: The Hidden Treasure of the Buri Buri Kingdom was released on April 23, 1994. Till now 28+ movies are made on Crayon Shin-Chan or ShinChan. Apart from movies, there was various crossover episode which happens many times with Kamen Rider and a crossover with Godzilla which happened in 2016.

5. Real Birth of ShinChan or Crayon Shin-Chan

As everyone knows ShinChan is a real Character in the World and his original name is Shinnosuke Nohara who died in a car accident to save her younger sister and after that, her mother created Sketches thinking what would have the kids do if they were alive. Author Yoshito Usui saw this Sketches and went on to create a Manga Character.

 After that everything is History till now the show has now been dubbed in 30 languages which aired in 45 countries, has over 1007 episodes and 26 full-length movies.

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