5 Things China is Hiding from World

5 Things China is Hiding from World

5 things China is Hiding from World
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Today will talk about the world's largest populated country China. China is also known as the Manufacturing Hub for the whole Country. China which is famously known for Manufacturing Expensive Tech Products like iPhone and many more, it is also manufacturers products related to Household Appliance, Fashion Products and many more such things which might not be aware of China.

Today will talk about those things which Chinese people have not told to the world in this post. After listening to the facts which China is hiding from the World you will be amazed about China.

Also, some interesting and amazing facts that people don't know about China? What is China well-known for? Weird and Strange facts about China?.

1. Food Table Etiquette

Chinese food is popular not only in China but also in other parts of the world, there are Best Chinese Restaurants in other parts of the world which severe Authentic Chinese Food, Traditional  Chinese Food Menu and also Chinese Fast Food Menu.

One of the interesting things the world doesn't know about Chinese people is Food Table Etiquette which is very Surprising. While Eating or Drinking you are not allowed to make noises and if there is food in the mouth you don't tall, also don't play with chopsticks. Be Polite and grateful while taking food with Chopsticks.

Let's talk about the Seating arrangement Etiquette in China. You are not allowed to seat until the Senior or the Guest seats as well as not allowed to eat until the guest or senior member starts eating. While Eating in a Bowl in China you should pick the Bowl and if you don't it is stated as Bad Manners.

2. Panda

Many People don't know about this but all Panda's in the world are owned by China. If you see any Panda in different Countries then that Panda is on a ten-year loan which includes the fee of US$1,000,000 and during this process, if Panda gives Birth then it will be the property of the People's Republic of China, so this is the procedure to adopt a Panda.

Panda's are loved by many people because they are funny, cute and it feels great while watching them play in the park. Most Popular ones are the Baby Panda, then Giant Panda and Funny Panda.

3. Great Wall of China 

Many People believe Great Wall Of China can be seen from space but it is a Myth and one thing which many people don't know that Great Wall of China is Standing Strong for so many years because of Sticky Rice, yes you heard it right Sticky Rice. Sticky Rice Mortar was the greatest invention at the time of building the Great Wall of China. 

Great Wall of China Distance Covers up to 21,196 Kilometers with 14 meters highest height with an average width of 6.5 meters and it is one of the Oldest Constructed Monument in the World.

4. Caves Home

Most People in China still leave in Caves because they are not able to afford Home in China. According to people who leave in this Cave feel more comfortable instead of Modern House. Many People who leave in this Cave also rent their cave and earn a good amount of income.

5. Late Sunrise 

In some parts of China has a one-time zone, so many times in winter sunrise happens at 10 AM in the morning. This decision was made by the Communist Party to bring Unity among all people of China.

Before the Communist Party took control over China there were 5 different time zones but things changed after the Communist Party took control to bring National Unity.

So, these are some interesting facts you might be unaware of China.

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